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Luxury Faux Fur Pom Pom - 15cm Extra Large

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Super fluffy, super big, super gorgeous!

New to the Big Knitters gang, our luxury 15cm faux fur pom poms will really take your handmade hats to the next level of awesomeness.

Each pom pom has a handy ‘no sew’ elastic loop.

Our pompoms come in 8 yummy colours…

  1. Berg - Ice white with grey tips
  2. Jet - Glossy silky soft black
  3. Salt’n’pepper - Black with grey spiked tips
  4. Kaleidoscope - Jazzy rainbow brights
  5. Psychedelic - Snow White with rainbow tips
  6. Caramel - Rich butterscotch and chocolate tones
  7. Timber - Warm woodland browns
  8. Ink - Deep midnight blue
  9. Cherry - Bright REAL RED with subtle black tips
  10. Rose Gold - Yummy honey dusky pink
  11. Sangria - Dark gorgeous burgundy
  12. Blush - Cute candyfloss pink
  13. Cocoa - Rich chocolate brown

Our Big Knitters branded Pom Pom Keepers are perfect accompaniment to our Pom Poms - you just pull the loop through the top of the hat and fasten with a Pom Pom keeper! No sewing! To order follow the link below: